Unable To Download JJSploit

There are numerous times where users unable to download JJsploit because of some strange reasons. In this post, I am going to share some of the most common reasons that make it very hard to download JJSploit, along with the solutions.


Download is getting rejected immediately:

The most common culprit is your anti-virus, since exploits are not licensed (Code signed) anti-virus flag almost every exploits as malicious. To fix this issue you need to disable your anti-virus program, or whatever program is blocking the download.

Download link says a connection could not be made

Internet service providers(ISPs) or a “smart” modem are blocking your connection to the download page. If it’s your “smart” modem, you will need to edit its settings and whitelist the download’s domain. If it’s your ISP, you might need a VPN. If these two don’t work, you may need to do further research on your service.

Some anti-malware programs also block our file hosts, such as Bitdefender.

Chrome says the download is dangerous

You will need to edit your Chrome settings and turn off “Safe Browsing”

Common blockers you need to disable

Bitdefender, Windows Defender, McAfee, Avast, and Norton.

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