Top 3 JJSploit Alternatives That Works

There’s no denying every exploit, script needs a replacement from time to time and JJSploit is not an exception.

If for some reason JJSploit is not working for you, you can always try JJSploit alternatives which are as good as JJsploit.

Check out some of the best JJSploit alternatives


KRNL is very popular amongst Roblox cheaters. Currently the best Roblox exploit you can find in the market. The popularity of KRNL increase in a short period of time because of its stability.

You can download the KRNL script from its official website


Sk8r is a level 6/7 Roblox Lua Wrapper, which is always works. Its one of the highly obfuscated script available with getobjects/httpget. It has smooth injection and teleporting games handler

You can download SK8R from

Coco Z

Yet another newly released Roblox script with one of the best User interface. Developed by N4ri, MC, and Wabz. If you are beginner in exploiting Roblox, I would recommend you to start with CoCo Z

Check out here

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