Download One of the Best Roblox Exploiter JJSploit Free!

Big Updates and Lots of improvement on Version 7.3.0

Teleport, ESP, Speed, Fly, Infinite jump, and so much more. A powerful all in one package.


JJSploit Introduction

JJSploit is one of the best Roblox Exploiter running under WeAreDevs API. It has numerous complex cheats available in one click. JJSploit doesn’t contains any ads and it free and always will be. 

JJSploit is 100% safe to use and doesn’t contain any malware or RAT. Your antivirus may detect JJSploit as malware but it’s false positive. This is because of the nature of JJSploit has been created.


Using JJSploit is very easy to use

  1. Join a game
  2. Make sure JJSploit is opened.
  3. Click the big green attach button on JJSploit.
  4. Wait for the notification to appear at the bottom right of the game.

Once you recieve a notification it means JJSploit is ready to use. You can now start executing scripts and using the button commands!

Download JJSploit



Is JJSploit is safe to use?

JJSploit is created by none other than WeAreDevs, so you can trust on the safety matters. Though anti-virus program can glag it as virus but it’s due to the nature of the program. You should disable your antivirus or whitelist the JJSploit.

Why does it say game engine version mismatch?

It is because the game updates every week or more often and therefore JJSploit need to be updated too. The dev behind JJSploit usually release the update within an hour. However, sometime it takes 6 hours max to get the update. If you still didn’t get the update within 6 hours, it means something is blocking JJSploit to get the update. Usually it’s your antivirus or firewall. Please disale your anti-virus program to get the update.

Why sometimes  it crashes on injection?

If the program keep on crashing on injection, please close the game for 30 seconds before rejoinging the game. This may sometime takes few tries before you get it working again. Sometime restarting your computer may work.

Does JJSploit works on Android Phone?

No, JJsploit worked in Windows PC. However, if you want an Android Roblox executor then try Arceus X and Hydrogen executor both are awesome Android Roblox executors.

JJSploit crashing in the middle of the game.

Some of the scripts uses too much RAM and therefore it crashes the game in the middle of a game. For example the fly script uses too much RAM and eventually it will crash the game. Some scripts are also not supporter for long time use.

Why it doesn’t work with the Windows Store version of the game?

Because it was made only for the website version of the game engine. It will not work for Windows Store version.