[FIXED] JJSploit not Working!

No matter how good a exploit is, it’s not prone to issues and errors. JJSploit is not an exception too. A lot of users face issue with JJSploit. Most of them complain about JJsploit not working.

In this post, I will explain some of the most common errors and issues we face with JJSploit and how to fix them.

Note: Before we begin, I would like to inform you that JJSPloit is developed and maintained by Wearedevs and they are dedicated to maintain JJSploit by releasing updates regularly.

JJSploit not working, What should I do?

Sometimes it may happen that JJSploit may be not working in your system. I would request to kindly turn off your anti-virus first. This is because anti-virus gives false positive to JJSploit and other similar exploits, because of the nature of the program.

JJSploit not Updating

If you are facing updating issue with JJSploit, then please try below fix

Delete the exploit-main.dll in the resources folder in JJ

To get to the resources folder in JJ follow below procedure:

Right-click and open file location on your JJSploit shortcut:


Then open the resources folder

Then open JJ and try injecting, should work, if that doesn’t work

Download the new dll here:

Latest DLL

Then paste the dll in the resource folder and try again

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